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How to Handle Water Damage Flooring Repairs Irvine,CA

Not only is SoCal Removal certified to quickly dry your home or business, they’re a full-service general construction company that will quickly restore your building to better than before conditions. Many of SoCal Removal’s clients take advantage of home upgrade options to keep up with their OC neighbors. The ability to provide design options when time is not a luxury alleviates clients’ stress levels by having a dependable contractor who can do the entire job available, ready and willing in Orange County, California.

The project in the video was taken in Irvine, California’s beautiful Northpark community. SoCal Removal has provided construction services to several homes in Northpark. These services consisted of major flooring repairs/upgrades as well as interior painting and drywall repair.

The YouTube video was taken by Andre Abajian (owner of SoCal Removal) and shows a water damage restoration repair project, after a national franchise contractor supplied by the insurance carrier dried it out. Our private clients were unhappy with the level of service they received from the franchise contractor referred by their insurance carrier. We are now their contractor-of-choice for any emergency situations that may arise and for all their general residential or business repair needs in Orange County, California.