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General Contractor Orange County Homes

Providing Residential Contractor Services For Your Orange County Home

Andre has assisted hundreds of Orange County residential home owners with water damage insurance restoration claims, remodeling and remediation services.  He will work with you from the estimation to completion.

Mold Remediation

Mold Inspection and Remediation Expert Andre Abajian Mold is everywhere; however, some kinds of mold are toxic to breathe in and can lead to serious health problems for humans and animals. The growth of a mold colony can cause a dangerous......

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Remodeling Homes

Orange County, California is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire nation. You want your house to reflect the California casual beauty and lifestyle in the best possible way. When you’re remodeling your Orange County residence you need to......

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Water Damage Restoration

When you’ve had a leak or a flood has damaged your home it’s crucial to get help to remove the water and repair the damage before it grows more serious. SoCal Removal will get the job done fast. Call us now at 949-446-0000 for a free phone......

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Demolition Services

No matter the type of residential demolition, our team of skilled demo experts can get the job done right. SoCal Removal has the muscle and manpower to take on your selective demolition procurement. Please consult with us and retain when you're ready.

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Fire Damage Repair

There’s little in life as scary and devastating as a house fire. After the fire is out, you must look at what’s left and decide what to do next. If the entire house was destroyed you will need a demo crew to come in and clear your property of......

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Emergency Water Damage

SoCal Removal Water Damage Restoration Contractors Water is essential for life as it covers approximately 70% of our earth’s surface. Unfortunately, water is also the largest carrier of pathogens. Quick growing microorganisms......

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Property Damage Repair

Your residential demolition project you have in line for us, the team of skilled demo experts have the muscle to get the job done right. Consult with and retain SoCal Removal to get the load off your back.

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Get Started With a Proven Orange County Home Contractor

SoCal Removal is ready to provide the very best general contracting services for your Orange County home. Call us today at (949) 446-0000 to get started on your important project!